Monthly Archives: December 2018

Kino on The Notion of I Am: Talk and Meditation

Last month, Kino started off her class at Miami Life Center with a talk investigating this notion of I am we all seem to come up against. In order to understand the effect identifying with certain roles or stories has on us, Kino first touches upon why we have an inclination towards this grasping.

Then going deeper into what this grasping to identify looks like, and how we allow certain identifies to define us and ultimately limit us. We become attached to this false sense of self, allowing it to define so much of our existence.

If we are not these notions of what I am telling myself I am, then what am I? Tune in as Kino explains the spiritual practice of yoga as a path to break this bondage of I, in order to tune into our true nature. Since it is only through the experience of the practice that these lessons can begin to take root, Kino ends with a guided meditation focusing on how we can ‘soften the edges of the I’. How can we crack open the ego of I am, to find more freedom, peace, and empathy towards one another.