Monthly Archives: November 2018

Kino on Embodiment through the Breath

Kino is back on Chat & Chai with one of her monthly classes at Miami Life Center. This time were sharing with you an inspiring talk she gave to introduce the class and a seated guided meditation on the breath.

She touches upon what embodiment means in the practice and how we can experience it through the body and breath, and move away from it through the mind. Shedding light on the reasons we step on our mat – to return to wholeness. The breath is a powerful tool to guide us down this path. Every emotion can be expressed through the breath and the practice gives us a way to determine where we are in every moment.

Listen in as Kino explains these concepts in detail and how they can easily be applied to our everyday life.

Then, find a quiet and comfortable place to sit so you can join us in a meditative and calming guided breathing practice to come back to the feeling of wholeness.

Our next class and talk with Kino is November 23 at 12pm – the day after Thanksgiving. Join us to give thanks for the practice and all the positive transformation it’s brought to our lives. To give thanks to all those who have helped us find our way to this practice.


Tim on The Importance of Having a Teacher

Tim Feldmann is back again for another episode of Chat & Chai: Yoga Talks from Miami Life Center. Tim in one of MLCs owners and founders and teaches regular workshops in our South Beach Shala

This recording was taken from a talk he gave to our students. He touches upon the role and importance of having a teacher as you walk down the yogic path. He draws from classical Indian philosophy as well as his own personal experience to give us a better understanding of how to navigate through the powerful teacher-student relationship

Side note… we apologize for the not so great audio quality! We figured the content was so good it was better to share than keep it to ourselves. Hope you enjoy!