Pregnancy & Ashtanga Yoga with Alexandra Santos

Alexandra Santos is our early morning mysore teacher. She has experienced the practice during 3 pregnancies and has developed a keen sense for guiding mothers through their yoga practice. The beginning of motherhood aka ‘the 7th series of Ashtanga Yoga’ can be a tricky transition to navigate through. But with the guidance of knowledgeable and experienced teachers, it can become a bit less overwhelming.

Alex gets into questions like “When is it ok, and not ok to practice Ashtanga Yoga while Pregnant?” She points out some important things to be especially attentive to during your pregnancy.

Alex shares her personal experiences and how each pregnancy brought its own unique conditions. She needed to listen to her body and feel what she personally needed in the practice during those 9 months as well as after giving birth. Tune in to begin to understand how the practice can be accommodated to fit the needs of what your body, mind and spirit needs during these life changing experiences.