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Kino on Inhabiting our Body in Yoga: A Talk and Meditation

Join Kino Macgegor for inspiring talk given at one of her monthly classes at Miami Life Center.

Many times we come into the practice of yoga as experts on all our problems or with an expectation of what the practice should be like. We come in with a hardened heart that says – this is how things should be, this is how I know myself. As we begin to inhabit the world we become conditioned to the ways of the world and lose the shimmer, innocence and joy we were born with. We feel beaten up by life and internalize difficult experiences. We believe we aren’t good enough.

And then we come to yoga and it’s not easy to let go of all that. We believe we are only good yogis if… But then the practice of yoga begins to take root. We re-calibrate the mind and update the operating system. Tune into Kino’s talk to learn more about what she means by this and how the body becomes the starting point to walking down a spiritual path.

End with a guided meditation as Kino guides you through an inner exploration. Starting with the physical body, holding space for whatever arises ad then moving deeper into the inner body to become fully embodied and fully present.

If you’re interested in learning and practicing with Kino more in depth, she has Mysore retreats coming up in 2019 & 2020. More info and sign up here –