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Exploring our Inner Space Through Yin Practices with Natalia

In this episode of Chat & Chai, our Restorative and Yin teacher, Natalia Vasquez introduces the 4 types of Yin Practices – Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra and Meditation – and how they can guide us into discovering the depths of our inner world through our breath, stillness, observation and compassion. Natalia then opens to questions allowing for thought provoking and organic conversation between students of all styles of yoga. Tune in to find out how these practices can be accommodated and beneficial to everyone – from someone who only has 15 minutes before going to bed to a yang attracted Ashtanga practitioner.

Natalia’s experience of putting these yin tools into practice has brought her into a space of healing and recovery. Her understand of these practices and how they can benefit any practitioner is accessible and inspiring, giving her the unique ability to guide others through their vulnerable inner spaces.

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If your local to Miami and would like to practice with Natalia Join her at Miami Life Center Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 12:30pm.