Kino on The Difficulty in Consistent Practice

Kino is back on Chat & Chai: Yoga Talks from Miami Life Center for a talk she gave our students on the difficulty in maintaining a daily practice.

In Ashtanga Yoga we are asked to practice 6 times a week, except moon days. Why is it so hard? What type of foundation must we establish to make this possible and allow our intentions to manifest in a real way?

Maintaining a daily practice over a long period of time becomes possible when we approach the practice as a ritual of compassion towards ourselves.

Coming on to the path of yoga, as Kino explains in this episode, is like making a U-turn in our lives. It’s a sort of paradigm shift. How do we know this U-turn moment is something were yearning for, or ready for? Being on the path can look different for everyone, but this U-turn is a defining moment for every sincere yoga practitioner.

Once we’ve made this U-turn, what are we after in the practice? How does it change our relationship with the world around us and the world inside us? Listen in to learn why consistent practice over time, and the difficulties that come with it are necessary for these changes to take root in our lives and extend beyond the mat.