Tim on Obstacles to Practice

In this episode of Chat & Chai: Yoga Talks from Miami Life Center, our Director Tim Feldmann touches upon the distractions that so many of us come up against in our practice. At the beginning, the practice seems exciting and easy to commit to, but what happens when we stick it out for the long run, through the ups and downs? It’s common for distractions and disturbances to be present, which make it difficult to continue returning to the mat. Luckily for us, Patanjali knew this might happen to any spiritual seeker, so he gave us guidelines for recognizing them and overcoming them.

Join Tim as he goes through the specific obstacles to practice as outlined by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras, going into an explanation for each. He uses a modern day application to help us understand what they look like in our lives and on the mat. He then goes into how to determine when these distractions have become a problem and what we can do continue moving forward with a clear mind.