Kino on The Beginner’s Mind: A Talk and Meditation

These monthly classes with Kino MacGregor at Miami Life Center, have become a space for us to not only reconnect into the physical practice; but also become immersed in the philosophy, the theory of the practice and the meditative mind.

In this episode, Kino talks about the appropriate attitude to bring to the mat. How do we show up on our mats? It should be something like the beginner’s mind. When we live in the box of our knowledge, our hearts become hardened, as Kino explains in more detail. We must walk the path of the student with an innocence of mind, which is the essence of the yoga journey.

Every yogi is on a path of initiation – an initiation into the heart. We need to remind ourselves again and again, each time we get on the mat, that we are here with an open heart to practice, not to showcase what we can do or how much we think we know.

How can we come to this place? Of truly perceiving what is present without any agenda? Kino guides us through this journey by inspiring us to rediscover ourselves fresh in each moment. It’s no easy task. What can get in the way of this experience? How can we be free to experience each moment as it is? Tune in to listen to Kino’s thoughts.

End this episode as Kino guides us through a meditation in an attempt to implement these ideas using the tools of yoga.